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About #ProRoe

What We Do

#ProRoe is an organization empowering women through Choice. In addition to providing simple and up to date information on state abortion laws, #ProRoe also connects women seeking abortion guidance with a personal #ProRoe Advocate. This Advocate serves as a point person for helping women find a plan of action that works for them. As a general source of guidance throughout the process, Advocates help women talk through their options and source information & resources (such as procedural funding and out-of-state transportation). In addition to our advocacy-matching service, the #ProRoe platform also serves as a general movement against all legal control over women's bodies. True to our name, #ProRoe stands to ensure that, no matter what, every woman maintains her right to choose.


#ProRoe provides easy to understand and up-to-date explanations of every state's abortion laws, as well as predictions for where each state is headed.

Personal Advocacy

We connect non-state-affiliated #ProRoe Advocates to those who need support making a plan. These Advocates are everyday people whose job is to help women source reproductive information and resources. The job is not professional & the #ProRoe Advocates do not provide professional advice. Rather, they operate as quasi-assistants, lightening the burden tp accessing reproductive options, answers to questions, funding for procedures, and everything in between.


The #ProRoe platform also serves more generally as a movement unwaveringly fighting against all laws that seek to control women's bodies. We hope you will join us.

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